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The sorting of the treeview is "Article collection", "Product group", "Country". To showing the Product group and the Country of a specified Article collection, click on the "+" character before the desired country. To showing the details and images, you can either click on the desired Article collection or Product group or Country. The total of all items of a row are displayed behind the Article collection, Product group and Country in ( ).

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+  German Orders and Medals 1918 - 1933 Original  (2)
+  German Orders and Medals 1933 - 1945 Original  (4)
+  German Orders and Medals pre 1918  (79)
+  German Orders and Medals pre 1918 Kopie  (1)
+  Orders and Medals international - original  (17)
+  Original pre 1918  (3)

Total: 106